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Advertising Design Portfolio Requirements

Your Final Design Portfolio MUST include 12-15 pieces from the following list:

Students without the minimum requirements and/or without signature approval of all three full time faculty members will NOT be allowed to submit under any circumstances


Logos, illustrations, and animations are not stand alone advertising messages. They are ELEMENTS OF ADVERTISING. The goal of this program is to encourage students to produce exceptional, creative designs, images, and animations as components of advertising with the advertising message in mind.

Each logo, illustration or animation MUST include a sample showing how the element was actually used in the advertising message.

When creating images for advertising, the product and/or type of company should be evident or obvious in the final sample showing the advertising message.

  • Logo – Sports, Lettermark, Corporate
  • Digitally Enhanced Illustration
  • Animation or Special Effects


Printed promotional materials for products and services whose distribution comes from means other than traditional mass media.

Packaging – The container, cover or wrapping for a product.

  • Audio/Music CD
  • DVD (Movie) Video
  • Coffee
  • Wine Bottle
  • Any Product (in a box)
  • Software Package

Point of Purchase – Promotional advertising or display unit that presents the product or service at the specific sale location


Stationery Package (maximum 2) (also called Identity Package)

Flat printed stationery. May contain one or more pieces of letterhead, envelope and/or business cards

Brochure – Multiple page/panel piece (usually bound/folded) that advertises, presents and/or describes the advantages, capabilities, worth and/or reasons to buy a product or service.

Annual Report – Yearly communications piece, usually with financial data, intended primarily for stockholders or members as a statement or record of a company’s or organization’s annual performance or status

Poster – A single sheet, advertising or promotional piece intended for mounting and display for a product, service or event


Anything that is mailed via USPS or delivered via special courier (private, FedEx, etc.) with the purpose of eliciting, provoking or effecting a consumer reaction (response card, phone number to call, order form, sale/event dates, etc.) Mere mailing of a piece does not necessarily make it direct marketing. The method of shipment (self-mailer indicia, envelope, etc.) MUST be evident and included on the piece.

Business-to-Business or Consumer, Single–Flat – Defined as any printed sheet or sheets, flat, folded, or bound printed material.

Three Dimensional (3-D)/Mixed – Includes single or multiple pieces, and the container and its contents. Dimensional also includes “pop-ups” that might mail flat, but take on dimension in their final forms. Entries typically include some element/item (other than paper) as part of the marketing message (premium item, baseball, ink pen, etc.) which is included as PART of the message. The method of shipment, (box, envelope, etc.), MUST be evident.


The outdoor display of advertising messages, notices, or events, commonly associated with standardized wooden or metal structures, that are delivered to mass (outdoor) audiences on sidewalks, streets, roadways, etc.

Outdoor Board – Includes outdoor posters, outdoor boards, outdoor painted bulletins, outdoor vinyl posters or bulletins, and site walls


Also defined as an alternative, buzz, grassroots, guerilla, viral, or word-of-mouth advertising. It is generally defined as an unconventional way of performing advertising and/or promotional activities. Examples of non-traditional advertising would be advertising on window clings, street stickers, and stencils. It can also include wild postings, telephone poles, forehead, or tattoo advertising (Not simply tattoo art, must be advertising a product or service).


CONSUMER PUBLICATION – Advertising that appears in periodic publications whose circulation/distribution is made to the general public, and/or an unspecified industry target audience.

TRADE PUBLICATION – Advertising that is placed in periodic publications whose primary circulation/distribution is aimed at a specific trade or industry target audience (dealers, distributors, jobbers, manufacturers, etc.) within the various Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes.

Single Ad – Fractional Page. Any ad in a trade or consumer publication, regardless of (page) size/dimensions, that does not fill a full-page unit.

Full Page Ad – Any ad in a trade or consumer publication, regardless of (page) size/dimensions, that does fill a full-page unit.

Spread, Multiple Page or Insert – Ad unit(s) in a trade or consumer publication that exceeds a full-page, regardless of the (page) size/dimensions. Includes facing pages, two or more ads in succession, page ads with foldouts, inserts, etc.

Campaign – Two to four ads for the same client, with a common theme. May be placed in the same publication issue (excluding single entry spreads/multiple-page units), in separate issues of the same publication, or in issues of other trade or consumer publications.


Advertising that is placed/run in publications whose primary purpose is to inform the public about current events or issues on a daily or weekly schedule basis.

Fractional Page Ad

Full Page Ad

Spread or Multiple Page


NP Ad or Insert Campaign (2 – 4 ads)


It is required that you submit a mounted, 8.5″ x 11″ color screenshot of the homepage, pop-up, banner, screensaver, etc. and a CD (Mac OS & PC compatible) of the website/entry. The screenshot is for reference and gallery presentation. The CD is to be used for presentation and viewing the website from a disk. Disks should not require any username or password for access. Submit on CD/DVD.

Flash Website – Flash-Based is defined as any website that uses the web software development tool known as “Flash” or “Animate” to design the ENTIRE site or the Flash elements control MORE THAN HALF the website’s pages.

HTML (or other) Website – HTML based is defined as using any of these technologies — HTML, JS, PHP, ASP, DHTML, XML, Cold Fusion, etc. — to create the website. Flash components may be included as part of the website and still be considered eligible as long as the Flash elements do not control MORE THAN HALF the website’s pages.

Interactive CD/DVD – May include interactive kiosks CD/DVDs

Online Advertising (Pop-Up/Banner/Email/Other) Email/E-cards. Email includes email design and one landing page which continues the advertisement (click-through). This does not include links that result in reaching a full website. E-cards include all online greeting cards.

Online Games – Games created to advertise a product or service. The game may be located on a main site.

Online Newsletter – Any newsletter created to be viewed online.

Online Annual Report – Any Annual Report created to be viewed online.


Any two-page spread, one editorial spread, or feature per entry. Not intended for submission of the entire book or magazine.


Editorial Spread or Feature


All work will be mounted in a professionally acceptable manner on high quality, black 15″ x 20″ mount board or larger if individual pieces are necessary, with thin slip sheets between each board.

A business card-sized identification card will be affixed to the back of each piece displaying the artist’s name, phone number, and email.