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J. Swintosky Comic


CAT student rocks and rolls with Illustration


Joann Swintosky's comic panel illustration is one of many solid works of commercial art done in this semester's Illustration for Advertising class. Her assignment was to create a ccomic strip using a cartoon character she developed from a previous assignment in the class.Joann completed three separate caricature's of other students in her class and created a story using all three characters. Below are her three caricatures. Well done Joann.


3 guys



www.jctcart.com is your one stop shop for anything and everything


All the resources you need during your tenure here in the CAT program at JCTC are literally at your fingertips with the CAT website. Let us know if you have any suggestions for improvement. The site is for you. Use it.

CAT Advising–If you have not seen Terry Lutz for advising you need to sign up as quickly as you can. Many classes are already full


Get in to see Terry ASAP. Go to the faculty link at the top of this page. Click on "Schedule an Appointment" to book a time with Terry. If you have to cancel your appointment please do so with consideration for other students who may want or need that time slot. If you book an appointment, show up, or cancel with enough notice that no one is sitting and waiting for you to show up at the end of the day. Be considerate.



Trying to figure out what to shoot in photography?


It doesn't matter what you do, if you don't have your eyes open you won't be able to see any possibilities. If you're a photographer, you should watch this short video. Maybe it will help you figure out what to shoot next.



Check out some of these links to some other great ideas about what to shoot.








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"You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club
                                                                                                       –Jack London