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Phyllis J. Krantz retrospective opens in Krantz Art Gallery
Monday, February 20, 2017
by Terry Lutz


The Communication Arts Technology Program is proud to announce the opening of The Art of Phyllis J. Krantz–A Retrospective.
  Featured in this exhibit are paintings, watercolors, drawings, and ceramic sculptures by the late Phyllis J. Krantz.

  Phyllis J. Krantz, (1922-1981) was an educator, artist, wife, mother, and grandmother. She was hired at Jefferson Community College in 1968 and developed the art program for the school. She held her position as head of the Art Department as an Associate Professor until 1981,

when she took a year sabbatical to further her education. During that period she was diagnosed with multiple myeloma and passed on October 29, 1981.

  She had a great love of the arts, her students, and Jefferson Community College.

  Shortly after her passing, Jefferson Community College dedicated their art gallery to her, which was founded by Phyllis in 1970. A plaque designating this honor was placed at the gallery entrance shortly thereafter.

  This retrospective is made possible by Richard (son) and Judith Krantz.

  A reception will be held to honor the artist on Thursday, March 2nd from 4-6 pm in the Krantz Art Gallery.

 The exhibition runs from February 20th through March 24th.


Trying to figure out what to shoot in photography?


It doesn't matter what you do, if you don't have your eyes open you won't be able to see any possibilities. If you're a photographer, you should watch this short video. Maybe it will help you figure out what to shoot next.



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www.jctcart.com is your one stop shop for anything and everything


All the resources you need during your tenure here in the CAT program at JCTC are literally at your fingertips with the CAT website. Let us know if you have any suggesions for improvement. The site is for you. Use it.



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"You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club
                                                                                                              –Jack London







Five CAT students win 13 Louies at awards gala
Sunday, February 26, 2017
by Terry Lutz


This past Friday night was another big night for the Communication Arts Technology Program at Jefferson Community & Technical College.
  Five of our CAT students won 13 ADDY Awards (Louies) at the 43rd Annual Louie Awards Gala at The Henry Clay building in Louisville.

  JCTC walked away with the most hardware of any school in the competition for the sixth straight year.

  Daphne Walker garnered one of the top two awards in the student category with the only Judges' Choice Award. She won a Gold Louie along with the Judges' Choice Award for her Raw Roots, Point of Purchase (P.O.P.) Display. She also won a Gold Louie for her Raw Roots, Packaging. Daphne won 2 Silver Louies as well, one for her Raw Roots, Logo and one for her Personal Stationery. With a total of five awards overall for the night, Daphne said she was "...a bit overwhelmed. There was so much going on. I was in a bit of a shock!"

  The rest of the CAT students were just as excited. Daniel Shouse walked out with three Louie Awards, two golds and 1 silver. Daniel won a Gold Louie for his HOME Essential Oil, Logo and a Gold Louie for his HOME Essetial Oil P.O.P. He won a Silver Louie for his CATP Annual Report.

  Alicia Vessels took home a gold and a silver for the night. She won a Gold Louie for her color photograph entitled High Performance and she won a Silver Louie for her Rimmel London Cosmetics photograph.

  Kristina Peebles won a Gold Louie for her photograph entitled Drum, a beautifully illustrated color photo of a drum set.

  Hailey Stanford won two Louies with one Gold Louie for her Learning Commons Stationery and a Silver Louie for her Learning Commons Logo.

  All the students' work goes on to compete at the district level against other schools from Kentucky, West Virginia and Ohio.

  All these students should be congratulated when you see them. They've all made us very proud and continue the rich tradition of award winning students making great designs and photographs in the Communication Arts Technology program.

  Well done ladies and gentlemen. Very well done. You can see all the winning work here.


Advising & Registration begins Wednesday, March 1st
by Terry Lutz


Advising and registration for the summer and fall terms is upon us. All CAT students need to come to see me. To sign up for an appointment, all you have to do is go to the "faculty" page on this website and click on the "Schedule an Appointment" link under my name and information. Fill in the information needed and book your appointment. That's it. Then just show up at the appointed time.

  When you sign up for an appointment, you will receive a confirmation email for your scheduled time. Please show up at least 5 minutes early. If I finish early with the student ahead of you and you are not there but the next person is, I will take the next person ahead of you.

  I will be advising only. I will not be registering you for any of your classes. I will provide advising to make sure you are taking the courses you need to be taking each semester so you can graduate on time. If you choose not to use this advising time it may be to your peril. I have never had anyone not graduate on time who met with me on a regular basis to make sure their schedule is correct. However, I have had several students not graduate on time who thought they could do it on their own. Your choice.

  This is important for you to know before you get to the advising session. In order to make the advising sessions go faster, I expect you all to have checked the schedule before you come to the advising session. Write down the classes that you think you are supposed to take. You should use the Academic Program Plan that I printed out for you the last time you were in my office for advising or simply check the sheets on the table outside my office. You can also see the same advising sheets online on this website by clicking on "our program" in the menu bar above and then click on "CAT Curriculum" on the right hand side of the page. I will then verify the classes as the ones you need. Then you can go to any of our computer labs and register for your classes in your PeopleSoft account. There are a couple of classes that you will not be able to register for. You will simply come back to me for those classes and I will register you for those in person.

  If you are a first time student who has not been advised by me we will make a new Academic Program Plan for you when you come. See you during advising.