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Photo by Kyunghwa Choi


CAT Student Show opens with flavorful art


The Communication Arts Technology Program’s Art Competition & Show, the CATTY’s, opened April 24th and will run through August 24th, 2018. All student work was created specifically for and during the current spring semester for a Communication Arts class. All work will soon be judged based on creativity and execution of concept.

See all the winners here.

The following categories are represented in the exhibition:


Enjoy the show.  



CAT Student wins double award in District 5 ADDY competition


Congratulations to Stephen Koller who won a double whammy at the District 5 ADDY competition this year. His i-Luminati Packaging won a Judges' Choice ADDY Award as well as a Silver Student ADDY award. This is the first time one of our students has won a Judges' Choice Award at this competition. It also marks the first time one of our students has won multiple awards for the same design at the District 5 competition.

  JCTC's Communication Arts Technology program was the big winner from the Louisville area at this year's competition.

  In February, Stephen also garnered one of the top four awards handed out in the student category at the 1st Annual ADDY Awards in Louisville. He also won a Judges' Choice Award, a Gold ADDY and a Silver ADDY at that competition.

  Stephen's design will now go on to compete at the National ADDY Awards competition in May. Here's to Stephen and here's to great success at the nationals. Way to go Stephen. Well done sir.

  Please join me and all the CAT Faculty in congratulating Stephen for an outstanding year.

  You can see Stephen's winning designs and all our student's winning work here.

i-Luminati Packaging Design by Stephen Koller, winner of dual awards: Judges' Choice and Silver ADDY Awards in 2018 District 5 ADDY competition.



Trying to figure out what to shoot in photography?


It doesn't matter what you do, if you don't have your eyes open you won't be able to see any possibilities. If you're a photographer, you should watch this short video. Maybe it will help you figure out what to shoot next.



Check out some of these links to some other great ideas about what to shoot.






Julia Hesselbrock receives CATP Outstanding Achievement
by Terry Lutz and Fred Crawford, April 20, 2018

Julia Hesselbrock was awarded the CAT program's most prestigious award of the year for outstanding achievement this past Thursday night at the college's annual Student Success Awards ceremony. The award is voted on by CAT program faculty each year in April.

  Julia graduated in December with an Associate of Applied Science degree in Communication Arts. Her area of specialization is Advertising Design and she has earned a GPA of 3.577 during her tenure here at JCTC.

juliaJulia has been one of our most determined, prolific and energized students. Her enthusiasm is contagious when you speak and work with her.  We've been especially impressed by her fearlessness in taking on all assignments and participating in class.

  She doesn't rest on her laurels and natural talents, but rather is hard-working and committed to improving as a graphic designer...qualities that will impress all those who work with her or for her in the future.

  Julia is enthusiastic, funny, sensitive, and driven. She's been a delightful presence both in and out of the classroom. We are excited to see Julia continue to commit herself to our profession and expect nothing but great things out of her in the future.

  While the arts can be a competitive field to make a name in, Julia has the singular commitment, drive, and passion to develop her talents to the utmost.

  She participated for several semesters in our local CAT Student Shows, "The CATTY's", racking up an impressive array of awards.

  Here’s a bit of a list of some of her achievements here. In our CAT program student shows, she has won 4 Gold CATTY Awards and 5 Silver CATTY Awards for her outstanding design, illustration and animation.
  Not only has Julia won many awards, she has won our respect and our friendship as well.

  Julia makes us all very proud to be among her teachers here at JCTC and even prouder to be considered among her friends.

  It was a tremendous honor for me to present the Outstanding Achievement Award to Julia on Thursday night.

  We all congratulate her on all her hard work and her achievements and will miss her as she embarks on a new journey through life.

  Let us know if you need anything Julia, we will be happy to help, and thank you for being part of our program and our college.



Did you know about the FREE tutoring on Fridays from 9-12?


It's true. You can get FREE tutoring for any CAT class on Friday's. In room 321B and somtimes in 302 and 310, we offer absolutely free tutoring, on any class. 9 am-12 pm every Friday unless posted otherwise.

  Need help with Illustrator? Come on in. Need extra instruction with InDesign? We can help. We can also help you with Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Animate (Flash), Word, Excel, Premiere, Illustration, drawing, and some After Effects.

  Look for flyers announcing special seminars on Friday's with special topics such as Tips and Tricks in InDesign and Illustrator, Illustration techniques, After Effects tutorials, video drones, and more.

  The CAT Tutoring classes are part of the college's Learning Commons.

  Come to 321B if you are in need of extra help. We'll be there for you.



www.jctcart.com is your one stop shop for anything and everything


All the resources you need during your tenure here in the CAT program at JCTC are literally at your fingertips with the CAT website. Let us know if you have any suggestions for improvement. The site is for you. Use it.



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